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Delirious Warrior

Sat, 30 Jul 2005

Happy Birthday!!
Mood:  hug me
Topic: Life

It Is my Birthday today and i solemly promise not to come online and update this blog -_-. Due to immense pressure of studies. I have to get into IIT. And stand first.( seriously -_-) For all my detractors I have one thing to say GET A LIFE!!.For all my well wishers I say THANKS FOR CARING SO MUCH!!

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Sat, 16 Jul 2005

Harry Potter and the Half Blooded Prince
Topic: Latest News
Well, it is the talk of the town, Harry Potter has sold 6.9 million copies in the USA in its first 24 hours. Publishers, authors and bookstores claim that it is a phenomenon that is unfathomable. How can a book garner so much interest that children wait for the next dose patiently for 2 years and when it does arrive they are ready to stay up all night and read it if they have got it at the cermonious 1 minute past midnight store opening.
I too at first when Harry Potter first came out was unfazed by its support, i read the first chapter of the first book and tried never to look back, even as it was the thing that found common ground amongst all my peers. Then when i came back to India, i saw the first movie and then went back to the books , I found at what i was missing. I think the thing that most people who read lots of books like me would be able to spot how well that the author has combined so many books and her knowledge to create a traditional good vs evil story complete with all the melodrama required . The books popularity stems from the fact that it borders reality( with that i mean the british boarding school system) and takes regular dips into surreal fantasies that every child wished they have. It has got the annoying teachers who you wish could zap like the ones in real life( Snape), those who teach you how to rise above your self founded limitations( Dumbeldore) and all the realities that a teenager goes through from trying to secure a place in the Sports team(i.e Quidditcih), to finding lady love( from Hermoine to Chu to Ginny). Harry's story probably hits us harder due to the fact that he is made to rise from the underdog orphan into the chosen one who can save the world. Humans like that very much...
But whats a coin without two sides, so we also have the critics right from the pope himself who sees the book as a threat to christianity, due to its propagation of magic. I beg to differ and what is brought forward is a thing common to humans we are superstitous and are ready to take things as they appear never trying to accept what we dont understand.
I havent read the latest book as of yet, neither do i have plans to as i already read the good summary on Wikipedia which i was advised against but then again
I dont have the " time" to read as i try to read all my books in one sitting( i dont care what people think of retention now come on, its like an opera soap anyways think to deep and you get trapped in the "bubbles" rising higher and higher in belief until your interest pops when you are too high and you realise what a fool you have been). In my personal experience its a kinda like the Pokemon addiction prevalent 3 years ago.

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Tue, 12 Jul 2005

Good Poem
Mood:  lyrical
Topic: Life
Here is a poem by Bob Dylan that someone forwarded to me in my mail :

You may be a state trooper, you might be a young Turk,
You may be the head of some big TV network,
You may be rich or poor, you may be blind or lame,
You may be living in another country under another name

You may be a preacher with your spiritual pride,
You may be a city councilman taking bribes on the side,
You may be in a barbershop, you may know how to cut hair,
You may be somebody's mistress, may be somebody's heir

Might like to wear cotton... might like to wear silk,
Might like to drink whiskey, might like to drink milk,
You might like to eat caviar, you might like to eat bread,
You may be sleeping on the floor, or in a king-sized bed

But you're gonna have to serve somebody, yes indeed
You're gonna have to serve somebody.
It may be the devil, or it may be the Lord
But you're gonna have to serve somebody.

You can't serve two masters so who have you chosen?

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Fri, 8 Jul 2005

Puri Rath Yatra
Mood:  happy
Topic: India
The Puri Rath Yatra held every year on the second day of the bright fortnight of Asadha (June-July)took off yesterday from the Jagannath Temple for 9 days to Gundichaa Temple.It is an important festival for us the people of Orissa. Unfortunately i couldnt make it to Puri this year unlike last year, where i was there to witness all the devotion. This year it was claimed that the yatra or journey was made special due to rains.

For those of you who dont know;
Puri is one of the 4 dhams or places of holy pilgrimage that a Hindu should visit in his lifetime.
Lord Jagnnath, the presiding deity and center of assimilation of various religious and faiths it is believed by some historians that he has been worshipped by the savara tribals since 240 B.C. The cult of Jagannath which accepts the philosophical aspects of all religious and faith and which has survived and sustained throughout the course of history is the essence of Orissan life and culture. He is really the synthesis of the essence of Jainism, Buddhism, Tantricism and Vaishnavism, the ritualistic aspects of which are manifested in his daily worship. Hence most can claim Jagannath to be their symbolical deity for all times to come and make him truly like his name the Lord of the Universe. Jagannath is believed to be a reincarnation of Lord Krsna. . But the all accepted appropriate tale clarifies,once Lord Krsna was resting and by mistake got shot by a hunter with his bow mistaking the Lord for a deer, upon hearing this both the hunter and the Panch Panadavas all cried but the Lord told them not to despair he said that you should do my samdahi and put my ashes in the holy waters of the Ganga and after some years I will come back to serve my people, legend goes that the ashes flowed down from the river in to the Bay of Bengal and eventually took the shape of a log which finally washed up on the shores of Puri, the then king Indradyumna upon hearing the legend from his brahmins assigned the job to Viswakarma( a sculptor who had appeared all of a sudden, believed to be the lord himself) with a condition to dazzle the God by his own creation but Viswakarma requested the kind of be absolutely alone till the completion of work and orders accordingly completed. Months passed and getting impatient, the king was forced by his beloved queen to open the doors, and from that day the deities are found an incomplete shape. According to legend, tribal king Bniswabasu in the form of Nalamadhava was worshiping the Lord. But subsequently king Indradymna constructed a temple in the honour of lord. This temple was destroyed in course of time. After some centuries king Jajati created another temple and worshipped the deities Balabhadra, Jagannath and Subhadra. The present gigantic temple that dominate the landscape for kilometers around were build only in the 12th century AD by king Chodaganga Dev.

Pandas carry Lord Jagannath, his elder brother Balabhadara and sister Subhadra being dressed elegantly on their shoulders up to the newly built chariots with a great pom & ceremony. This particular moment turns the atmosphere into a holy patch of the rhythmic clang of mental gongs, blowing of conches and trumpet and chanting of holy men. The ecstatic cries of “Hari Bol” fill the entire surroundings jubliant crowds perceive and witness the first appearance of their judictious God amidst them. The large hypnotic eyes of their believed lords as if mesmerize them to work themselves in to a state of devotional frenzy.

The all waited patiently magic moment comes to an end when the most beautifully decorated palanquin following procession or elephant and horses of Gajapati( a name meaning lord of elephants) - the traditional king of Puri arrives. As per tradition the king of the king become CHNDALA (Sweeper) and performs the duty of “CHHERA PAHARA” (sweeping activities) of the charitors. The mythology about this traditional sweeping evolves the king as living incarnation of God also accomplish work like a servant on this special occasion which is considered as best example of none valuation and indiscrimination in big and small job. According to one out of lot of stories and traditions, the deities embark on chariots to visit their aunt’s house, which is known, as MAUSIMA TEMPLE is 3 kms away from singhadwar.

NABAKALEBAR is earmarked as a special occasion with newly constructed deities, placed on the chariots after lot of rituals including change of Brahma from the old deities to the New Delhi deities prior to car festival. This Rathyatra is observed as the festival of “Nabakalebar” which falls when tow months of ashada fall in one year. This double ashada occurs at intervals of 8 to 19 years. Around 1072 pieces of wood neither more of less are brought from the earmarked forest for construction of these massive chariots. Assigning the job to the 3 head capenters one for each chariot, the king of Puri instructs to maintain sanctity. The car of Balabhadara called “Taladwhaja” clads in green and red cloths are 13.2 meters high and are supported by 14 massive wheels. 763 pieces of wood are used for its construciton. The four wooden horses attached to the car are named as Rig, Yaju, Sam and Atharva, which symbolize the four Vedas. The car of Subhadra otherwise known as “Padmadwhaja” or “Darpadalana” clads with black and red cloth is 12.90 meters high and is supported by 12 wheels. 593 pieces of wood are used in this car. The four wooden horses attached to this car are named as Prajana, Anupa, Ghose and Agrachi. This largest among the three is “Nandighosa", the car of Lord Jagannath. The height of this legendry can is 13.71 meters and is supported by 16 wheels each of 2.13 meter diameter and adorned with stripes of dazzling yellow and red clothes. The four wooden horses attached to the car are Sankhika, Rochik, Moohika and Twalini.

The deities stay in the Gundicha temple for 9 days. On the 9th day they return to the temple on the chariot & this festivity is called “Bahuda Yatra” (the return for car). On way back to home the deities remain at some places among them one a Mausima temple (his aunt’s mandir). The deities as per custom are offered “Baked cake” known as “PODAPITHA". After reaching at the main gate of temple the deities wear gold ornaments. Devotees throughout the night celebrate this special day as “SUNABESA". “Adharapana” like sabant (Lasi) is t
he last offer to God & on the next day of Sunabesa, the deities are taken into the temple to Ratnavedi.
According to tradition, this festival of Lord is celebrated because of restriction for non-Hindus to see the Lord inside the Sanctum of the Temple. Hence God steps outside so people of all religions and caste can pay their obeisance. This special darshan of God to common and all castes is envisaged “PATITAPABANA DARSANA". It means the entire communities shall get a chance to communicate their all odds and miseries for quick settlement by the God. Perhaps many people will be surprised to know that the English word juggernaut, with its connotation of a force crushing whatever is in its path, is derived from name Jagannath, meaning "lord of the world."


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Mon, 4 Jul 2005

Website Updates and Happenings
Mood:  suave
Topic: Latest News
Well folks i finally updated some parts of my website and have resized the dimensions of my webpages on my main site so that they appear correctly. I have also uploaded 50 new pictures into my America Album , but I think it is better you wait till I add the captions that you visit them ^_^ .

Well folks,yes it is still raining as i type these words on my keyboard, it is a joy for me here but that is not the case everywhere. Here is a picture to the left that i took in the evening hours from my window. For those of you interested in the floods that have hit Gujrat, click here
to see a photo album depicting the same.

For those of you interested in seeing my "workplace" here is the image to the right, as you can see my bed is out of order, my computer is on playing music, my notice board is filled with To-Do Slips and a calendar ofcourse and yeah did you notice the bright yellow Mr. Spongebob Squarpants bedsheet I bought it only yesterday!

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Updated: Mon, 4 Jul 2005 11:24 PM

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